Shamir Medical Center

This program helps Indian students from underprivileged backgrounds who immigrated to Israel and completed their army or national youth service to complete their nursing school training and certification. While there is an acute need for nurses in Israel, the typical path for achieving such training is both time consuming and costly, and therefore often inaccessible to many immigrants and students on the social periphery.

In cooperation with  Elad Goldenberg and Dr. Efrat Denino, Director of the Academic College of Nursing at Shamir Medical Center, and drawing on Israeli government funding for education, this special program was developed as a way to provide students who qualify from the Bnei Menasheh community with unique access to academic opportunity. Recognizing the difficult economic reality that these students face, VWT is committed to covering their living expenses for the duration of the training,  costs which are not covered by government funding. This financial support has been critical to the viability of the program, because without it they would not be able to afford to attend. Hannie’s support will enable bright, hard-working students to achieve their potential and make lasting contributions to society.

The program of training nurses from the Shevet Menashe community was initiated by Rivka Rei, the sister of the daughter in law of a very close friend of mine. Rivka, retired from the Jewish National Fund,an organisation, that from donations has been buying land and planting trees since 1901 in what is now Israel,thus enabling Jews to come and settle in today’s Israel, initiated the program for the nurses of her forgotten community, got partial Government funding and could then find no additional doners. She approached me. I sent Elad to liaise with the hospital.When I returned to Israel,I made my first donation, which will every year be followed by a further donation, thus enabling ladies and possibly young men of the Shevet Menashe community to become nurses.

– Hannie Biwott

Indian Nurses program