The Rav Chanan

Hannie’s generous donations enable Rav Chanan, a Chabad rabbi, to provide weekly food donations for 200 families in need.

The Rav Chanan is a middle-aged Chabad rabbi who, together with his wife and sons, has devoted his life to the care of a low-income community in Ramat Eliyahu, Israel. True to the spirit of Chabad, one of the largest and best known Jewish Hasidic movements, the Rav Chanan promotes a tolerant, inclusive, and compassionate approach to the world. Through donations, profits from a small shop selling religious items, and services rendered to the community (conducting weddings, performing circumcisions, preparing boys for their bar mitzvah) the Rav Chanan raises money to help provide basic needs such as food for approximately 200 neighbourhood families in need. Once a week these families collect whatever food they require, and on Jewish holidays the Rav Chanan hosts community dinners on synagogue grounds. Hannie believes deeply and wholeheartedly in the power of his humanitarian efforts: through her long-standing relationship with the Rav Chanan, she has provided financial support to his charity for several years.


Hannie and the Rav Chanan